Pa State Officers:

State Legislative Chairman:

Tim Laveing

First Vice Chariman

Jim Oneill:

Second Vice Chairman

Jeff Johnson

Secretary Treasurer

Robert F McLean

Executive Committee (2):

Pete Fernandez

Luke Titus

Representative by Division:

50-Christopher King

71*-Jeff Johnson

74* -Joseph Mitchell

146-Gary Novack

231*-Bob Francis

250-Alan Rutherford

        no listing

259-Gregory Baranyay

263*-Ken Kertesz

276-Steve Gothreau

325-Tim Laveing

335-Pete Kubatka

370-Dave Caniff

459-Steve Bardell

        Unknown Email

483-Jim O’Neill

590-Chris Cochran

700-S. V. Bilak

730*-George Gardner

757-Pete Fernandez

All Divisions are members of the Pa Conference of Teamsters

All Divisions are affiliated with the Pa AFL-CIO



Mission Statement for the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board



The Mission of the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board-BLET, Teamsters Rail Conference is to serve the membership in matters of safety and health, legislative matters and political education.  The BLET By-laws provides that the Legislative arm of the BLET is responsible to work for legislation that will benefit the BLET and oppose legislation that can bring harm to the BLET.


The Board has the responsibility to investigate all matters of safety when presented and is charged with working collectively with the General Committees to reach a resolve.


The Board will work with State and Federal Agencies in all matters that affect the membership.  


The Board shall gather and share all information with the membership in all matters of Political Education.  This will include making endorsements of candidates that will support BLET issues.  The Board and it's Officers are entrusted to prepare position papers and lobby State and Federal Capitols.  


The Chairman shall oversee all of these issues and invoke every Division Officer and in particular the Division Legislative Representative to mobilize, write, call and lobby on behalf of all members.  


The Board shall comply by the Brotherhood Code of Ethics as well as full compliance of National Division, Board By-Laws and the Teamsters Constitution.  


The Board shall endeavor to work closely with all Labor organizations within the Commonwealth and shall affiliate with those to the extent supported by the membership.  


To this end, the Board and it's Officers are committed to support the BLET membership.